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The Planning Pain

As a teacher planning is part of my job, it is how we move forward before we hit the classroom. It is the format of the performance, as much as the direction of the instruction.

With this in mind I run up against a class that needs more planning than others. Most classes use a text book that facilitates lesson creation by the page format and topics within. So when a class says they want more free talk and discussion type classes that means more planning.

But they want more freedom, how is that more planning? Because freedom comes with a price tag! No, actually because when group classes want more free conversation it doesn’t mean they will get it, especially if the members are quiet and not inclined to start speaking in a foreign language. So it falls back on the teacher to create the right environment within which students will be able to have “free” conversation. See what I mean?

Then it falls to me, the teacher, to come up with IDEAS and fix TASKS which will get the group talking and make free conversation flow more easily due to a shared goal, debate between or must give opinion relating situation. It is the generation of IDEAS, while sitting in my sky blue classroom in my home, that is the brain buster.

I am a person who generally can sprout ideas like mushrooms on a log, but sometimes we all run dry of the creative juices, so to type. This morning I sit here in my classroom/office and dread coming up with ideas, while at the same time hoping inspiration will strike my fears dead before a headache like a storm cloud cumuli-nimbuses above my creative head.

Writing, then, would be easier than making up lesson plans, but I am a teacher as well as a writer and teaching pays the bills! So creative I must be.

Keep writing, and being creative, and planning lessons you lightning-rod!