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Warning Using While Stupid Can Cause Serious Injury: Nathan A. Emery the Video Blog #188


Watch A Dumb Movie, Leave a Smart Comment

Sitting in my living room, making sure I don’t use too much work to help keep from getting the cold, my daughter is watching Atlantis 2 Milo’s Return. What a stupid movie!

I am one to make fun of a bad movie. It is enjoyable at times to see a ridiculously made movie and usually the older the better. But aside from Micheal Bay bad, movies that went directly to video would be pretty close to terrible. This one in particular uses the same characters as the original Atlantis movie, which was a fairly well made film, but butchers anything of the original. It is a movie made from a series of TV show episodes and you know that can’t be good. Oh, and the voice for the main character Milo is completely different to annoyance of anyone!

Sitting on my sofa, with a slight headache-called Atlantis 2-I contemplate what I will be able to do today. I have been working on lesson preparation for the first day of classes which starts tomorrow.

English teaching is an interesting and stimulating job. It is fun to help others learn something that will make them more communicative, to understand things outside their normal sphere of life. With tomorrow being the first day of the school year it is important to make a fresh start.

Keep writing, reading and watching. Life is short, live and love.