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Nathan A. Emery the Video Blog 285


Art in Teaching

Teaching is an art, not a science. It is helping others to learn and there-in is the challenge all teachers face. After spending years as a teacher helping children and adults I feel it is one of the most positive jobs imaginable. As a teacher I must find a way to inspire the student to remember and use the language being taught so that they can use it in the future. So that they can communicate.

We can talk about methods and we can talk about heart when it comes to teaching. Method is the bag of tricks you employ to grab the students attention and test them. Heart is the thing you’d better have in order to relate to the students as people. You need to inspire them and if your heart isn’t there, then find another job. Seriously, do something your heart is happy with in life and others will see it too.

As a writer I spend the in-between times that I am not teaching in the act of writing. If you are a teacher out there reading this blog post then please work to inspire your students to want to learn and use the target material. Be the best teacher they have ever had, though you will never be able to know if that is will be the truth for them.

We all remember good teachers. They leave a mark on us. Bad teachers too, we never shake their example from our minds. Being your best and finding your heart in teaching will find your way into people’s lives and make a difference. The job of teaching is about making a difference, about cause and effect. Effect as best you can.

Keep writing.